• Auditory — Learning primarily through listening
  • Visual — Learning primarily through seeing
  • Kinesthetic - Learning primarily through experiencing it

Hence our training is designed to cater to all three types so that everyone in the audience can absorb the material in their own unique learning style.We use PowerPoint, movie clips and educational videos which help the visual learners;the trainers speak about this material and encourage group discussions which help the auditory learners; and role plays. business cases and exercises help the kinesthetic learners to experience the concepts that are presented. In order to facilitate the process of learning, we follow the Adult Learning Principles and ensure that 35% of our programs are experiential.


Canvas Soft Skills has been actively involved in the area of learning and development. We have served across industries and levels. Our entry into the space of an Outsourced Training Partner has evolved from our expertise in all areas starting from the needs analysis to the evaluation and continuous learning process. Our familiarity and confidence in this space gives us the ability to maintain the highest standards of quality to meet the objectives of our clients.We manage training activities for a business unit or project of any scope.