Maximize Your Potential

One of the most influential out of handling and dealing with people in personal, professional and family is communication skill. This workshop is designed to improve communication at all levels within an organization. Learn how to apply communication styles learned.The most important habit of any person, who really wants to build up his career, wants to balance the professional and family life has to really master the art of "Time management".

Leading For Results

Have you ever dealt with an employee, a boss, or a colleague who can’t seem to adhere to pressing deadlines? Or says he’s too busy? Or can’t seem to prioritize what’s important and what’s not? Despite your best efforts, it’s a struggle to motivate this team member to be more accountable. Yet this person is vital to you and your organization’s success. He or she has expertise and great ideas. If only you can get this person focused, you could eliminate the headaches that get in the way to achieving great outcomes.


The most obvious benefits the my organization will gain as a result of this workshop, in my opinion: “Better service, Better sales, Plan better, & Lesser complaints”. I found the course satisfactory in: content, relevancy, comprehensiveness, practicality, handouts, scheduling, environment, location, trainer’s presentation skills, his command over subject, time management, his interaction & his knowledge transfer. .
Mr. Akif Dar
Relationship Manager
JS Bank Limited

Power of Synergy

An interesting point is that synergy actually requires diversity, as diversity is a pre-requisite for creation. In the moment that someone desires something, what they want is created in an energetic format. In order to then manifest what is wanted it is necessary for there to be an alignment or synergy between what they are wanting and what they are thinking? Therefore synergy comes from the inside out, with a harmonious mind leading to a harmonious life.

Stress Management

Every day in our life has factors and events that can be stressful. We are constantly surrounded by stressors.The course is designed from the ground up to expose delegates to as many areas as possible for the duration of the course so not only they get to experience different techniques used for managing stress, but they can also understand which areas they should expand on.Stress management is a lifelong skill and indeed a one-day course might not be enough. By exploring many topics, delegates come to realize that there is more than one solution to stressful situations


in my opinion, is: “your workshop has completely helped me and made me understand leadership functions. I have learnt management methods. The instructor is a very hard worker and demonstrator. I am very happy that I was nominated from my CAA to attend your workshop at attitude. Thanks many thinks”. I shall rate the course’s contents, comprehensiveness, relevancy, usefulness, practicality, and the handouts given, as excellent. Also in means of scheduling, timing, environment, and location, it was an exceptional experience for me.
Assistant Director
Shirazi Trading Company (Pvt) Limited

Problem Solving & Decision Making

We make decisions every day. These decisions come to define our life and some of them may have a profound effect on the journey we take. However, making decisions is not an easy task and sometimes you may find yourself pondering on alternative courses of actions for hours, days or even months. The recent increase in the complexity of our lives, both personal and professional, has made decision making even more critical and time consuming.

Influencing & Persuasion Skills

In just about any interaction with others, you may find the need to influence and persuade them of your ideas, your products or services. The ability to persuade successfully seems to be a fundamental quality of successful people. Take leaders, scientists, artists, politicians, authors, or any successful celebrity. They have got where they are by being able to convince people of their abilities, vision, knowhow and mastery of what they do, and those who are good at it do it on a massive scale.


I think the most obvious benefit my organization will gain as a result of my attending this workshop: “Highly effective as this is what I found to be a very effective and efficient workshop”. I found the course contents good, relevant, comprehensive and practically useful. The handouts given to us are also good. The location and environment, and on top of all scheduling was good. I found the trainer good at his command over the subject, his presentation skills, level of interactivity, knowledge transfer and his time management.
Amanat Ali Laghari
Assistant Director
Trade Development Authority of Pakistan

Interviewing Skills

Your hands sweat. Your heart palpitates. Your mind is a confused jumble of fragmented advice and expected behavior. No, it’s not your first date. It’s your first time interviewing candidates for an important job opening. Although the ability to hire the right people is critical not only for your organization, but for your own success and advancement, very few managers know how to tell the difference between a top performer and an ‘eloquent incompetent’.

Negotiation Skills

It’s the art of making a deal a matter of persuasion rather than a crude power play. It’s the art of making the other person your friend, rather than your enemy - no matter how tough a bargain you strike. Negotiation’s the art of choosing the right strategy for each situation; painting the right business picture; projecting the right personal image; doing the right research; offering the right inducement; applying the right pressure at the right time; asking the right questions; demanding the right extras. “Organization negotiates everyday; equipping your team with practical negotiation skills gives them the edge as well as helps them build longer term results. Otherwise you will be losing out everyday


In my opinion by nominating me to this workshop, my organization will be benefitted as: “this type of sessions must be conducted always. They improve our goals that we have”. The course contents were good, relevant, comprehensive and practical. It was overall a good experience. The workshop in its scheduling, environment and location was good, but I suggest such a session should have been at Country Club or Dreamworld. I rate the trainer as good in his presentation skills, command over subject, time management, interaction and knowledge transfer. “I am very highly satisfied”.
Mr. Aijaz Ali Shaikh
Pakistan State Oil Company Limited

Heightening workplace motivation

This workshop shows leaders at all levels how to activate Motivation for themselves and with others. The benefits of activating motivation include enhanced creativity, an increased likelihood of sustaining high performance and achieving important goals, and perhaps most important, enjoying a heightened and lasting sense of positive well-being.

Management By Motivation

There is a challenge for all employers and management in delivering the right balance between a confident, motivated workforce and a workforce which is driven to attain goals. It can be described as a mix between the pleasure of a comfortable working environment and the fear of failure, although in honesty it is more complicated than that equation suggests. Regardless of how it is characterized, it is important to get the right balance in order to ensure that you have a motivated workforce.


In my opinion: My organization would be better off since I hopefully would improve upon my shortcomings and thereby be more productive for my organization. The topic overall is good, also the course contents, the relevancy, the comprehensiveness, the practicality and the usefulness is commendable. The environment is just perfect. About the trainer, I found him exceptionally well in his presentation skills, command over subject, time management and interaction wise. The knowledge transfer was also good.
Commodore (R) Syed Zafar Iqbal
DG BEATS (Director General – Bahria Education and Training Services)
Bahria Foundation